Whatever you want, one number is all you need

Whether you need a professional asphalt planing contractor, a reliable source of recycled asphalt or a planing machine for short term hire, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Types of work undertaken

1 day spot hire We provide equipment to work under your direction
Complete Packages (plane / load / cart / sweep), we price per m²
Guarantees Fixed price or Remeasureable Surface Accuracy
Emergency Response  
Fine Milling / Retexturing Restores Texture Depth
Quarries          We convert road surfaces or holdings into aggregate to reuse.


Product - Class 1A / 1B Recycled Aggregate (Road Planings)

Developing and producing sustainable construction products and solutions is at the heart of NRP. By using proven foamed bitumen and cold paving technology, we can offer a ‘Virtual Quarry’ solution, providing closed loop recycling of existing road surfaces for use in sub surface reconstruction and practically eliminating site waste. This allows impressive reductions in both environmental impact and transport costs, for more sustainable project delivery, while maintaining the highest levels of quality and finish.